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Where exactly is Samford located?

Hey all, quick question. Where exactly is Samford? Is it in a city, a small town, or somewhere rural? How's the climate there and what kind of activities are there in the area?

18 days ago

Samford University is located in Homewood, Alabama, a suburban town right outside of Birmingham, the state's largest city. Because of its proximity to Birmingham, Samford offers a nice mix of a quieter suburban campus with easy access to city amenities when desired.

In terms of climate, Alabama falls into the category of humid subtropical, meaning it has mild winters and hot, humid summers. It's the South after all! The average high in January is typically around 50°F, and the average high in July usually sits around 90°F.

As for activities, being close to Birmingham provides students with a robust set of options. There are a variety of outdoor activities like hiking at Red Mountain Park, exploring the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, or strolling around the urban Railroad Park. If you're a fan of the arts, you might check out performances at the historic Alabama Theater or the Birmingham Museum of Art. And, of course, there's plenty of cuisine to try, particularly Southern comfort food and excellent barbeque. On campus, Samford has plenty of student organizations, sports, and informal activities to keep you busy!

18 days ago

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