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Getting a track scholarship senior year

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone has experience in securing a track scholarship during their senior year? I've been working really hard and I've seen a significant improvement in my performance. How do I go about reaching out to college coaches and what should I include in my emails or videos?

8 months ago

Hello and congrats on your hard work and improvement in track! My child was in a similar situation and managed to secure a scholarship in the senior year. It's definitely possible!

When reaching out to college coaches, it's important to be concise but also provide them with all the necessary information. Include your personal records, any significant improvements you've made, and key highlights from your track career. It's also good to include a well-edited video showcasing your events, especially those where you've had standout performances. Personalized emails that show you've researched the school's track program and why you're interested in joining their team can make a big difference. Some schools also have athletic questionnaires on their sports pages that you can fill out to get on a coach's radar.

Keep your communication professional and to the point, as coaches receive a lot of emails. Remember to follow up if you don't hear back in a week or two. Good luck, and I hope you land that scholarship!

8 months ago

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