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Graduation Rate at Montana State University

Hi all, I am considering Montana State University for college. I felt the graduation rate would give a fair idea of their education quality? Does anyone know what their current rate stands at?

14 days ago

Montana State University publishes some useful data on this subject. As per the latest available data, their 6-year graduation rate for full-time, first-time students (which is the rate most often reported) stands at approximately 58%.

This implies that about 58% of all full-time students who start at Montana State University graduate within six years. However, one should not rely solely on this rate to assess the university's educational quality. There may be various reasons a student might not graduate within six years - they might transfer to another school, take time off, or part-time students might take longer to complete their degree.

Examining other data such as student reviews, faculty-student ratio, class sizes, and retention rates can give a more comprehensive idea of the educational quality at Montana State University. For a personalized comparison, consider your individual academic and career aspirations, and look closely at the relevant departments and programs.

14 days ago

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