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Counting AP Classes in Senior Year

Hi there, I was wondering if taking AP classes in senior year holds the same weight as taking them earlier in high school. Do colleges really consider these when looking at our application, or by then it's too late? Trying to balance my academic workload.

8 months ago

Hello! Your question about the weight of senior year AP classes is an important one, and I'm glad you're thinking ahead about your academic workload. Definitely, the AP classes you select for your senior year are considered by colleges during the admissions process. Admission committees do look at the rigor of your senior year courses to ensure you're maintaining or increasing the academic challenge right through to graduation. It's a good indicator that you're prepared for college-level work.

On the other hand, understand that the AP exam scores from senior year won't be available by the time decisions are made. However, colleges still consider the commitment and academic interest those courses represent. Additionally, excelling in AP courses earlier in high school will help improve your GPA when you submit your college application. Remember to make sure to balance your course load so that you can still perform well without overwhelming yourself. It's better to do really well in a slightly less demanding course load than to do poorly because you've taken on too much. Good luck with your decision!

8 months ago

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