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Safety on Michigan State Campus

Hey there. I'm a junior considering MSU for undergrad studies. I wanted to know more about the safety situation on campus. It's a pretty huge factor for me. Any insights?

11 days ago

Campus safety is definitely an important consideration in any college search! Overall, Michigan State University (MSU) has implemented substantial measures to keep its community safe.

MSU has its own fully deputized police department, the MSU Police Department, which works 24/7 to respond to incidents and patrol the campus area. Furthermore, the university offers a service called "Safe Ride." If you have evening classes or late-night study sessions, this is a great resource. Safe Ride works like a small shuttle service that will take you from one point on campus to another during late-night hours.

Another resource is the the MSU Alert system. This system sends out text message and email alerts immediately in emergency situations (e.g., extreme weather, safety threats) to all students, faculty, and staff.

MSU's residence halls and apartments are also equipped with electronic swipe card access, requiring MSU ID for entry. Additionally, the campus has blue light emergency phone stations throughout campus; you should be able to spot one of these phones wherever you are on campus.

Remember though, safety at any college also depends partly on student behavior such as locking doors, walking in groups at night, and being aware of surroundings. Encourage fellow students to do the same.

While MSU provides numerous resources to handle emergencies and ensure student security, it is crucial that you visit the campus and get a feel for it yourself if possible. Talking to current students or alumni could also provide you with firsthand perspectives.

Remember, everyone's comfort level can vary when it comes to safety, and it’s important that you feel at ease in your college environment.

11 days ago

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