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Ranking of Neumont University?

Hi folks! I've been checking out Neumont University, but I'm struggling to find any reliable information on their ranking. Does anyone know how well-regarded Neumont is, particularly in the field of computer science?

18 days ago

Neumont University is not ranked by major national ranking platforms like US News & World Report, which often rank universities on a wide variety of factors such as faculty resources, financial resources, and selectivity. This can make it challenging to compare Neumont to other institutions.

However, Neumont's primary focus is on applied computer science, and the institution prides itself on a hands-on, project-based learning approach. It's worth noting that the successful outcomes of a school’s graduates often give a good indication of the quality of a program. Therefore, you may want to look at Neumont's job placement rate in the tech industry and the starting salaries of their graduates in your consideration.

Remember, rankings are just one element to consider when choosing a college. Other things to consider include curriculum, faculty, internship opportunities, job placement rates, campus life, location, cost, and financial aid. I hope this information helps!

18 days ago

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