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LSU Admissions - SAT Scores?

Hey guys, can anyone on here fill me in on what the SAT score range is for admissions at LSU? I'm trying to figure out my chances and it would be super helpful. Thanks in advance!

16 days ago

Absolutely, I'd be happy to share some information with you on this. Typically, Louisiana State University (LSU) shares the middle 50% SAT range for students they admit. The middle 50% range actually provides a better understanding of the scores you should aim for. It basically means that 50% of admitted students score within this range - a quarter score below and a quarter score above it. While exact percentages can vary slightly from year to year, as of the most recent data, that range for LSU is typically around 1150-1300 for the SAT.

Remember that the SAT isn't the only factor LSU, or any other school for that matter, considers during admissions. They also look at other aspects of your application, including but not limited to your GPA, the rigor of your high school curriculum, and your extracurricular involvement.

Good luck with your application process! Let me know if you need any more information.

16 days ago

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