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Marymount University Acceptance Rate?

I've been researching Marymount University and I'm still not sure if I stand a decent chance of getting in. What's their acceptance rate like?

15 days ago

Marymount University, located in Arlington, Virginia, is known to have a relatively high acceptance rate. While this can vary from year to year, as of the most recent data, it stands at around 80%. This means that for every 100 applicants, approximately 80 are accepted.

However, bear in mind that an acceptance rate shouldn't be your only basis for judging whether you'd get in. The quality of your application, including your GPA, curriculum rigor, letters of recommendation, essay quality, and extracurricular involvement, will also play crucial roles in the admission decision.

Try to ensure that each component of your application is as strong as possible to boost your chances. Just meeting the school's average stats does not guarantee admission, as the admissions process is holistic, considering multiple facets of your profile beyond just academics.

15 days ago

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