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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Application

Hey! Can anyone tell me what the application process is like for Massachusetts Institute of Technology? I understand it's very competitive, but any tips on how to make my application stronger would be awesome.

11 days ago

MIT's application process is certainly competitive and unique in certain aspects, so it's good to familiarize yourself with its specific requirements. Here's a broad view of what you would need:

1. You have to complete the MIT application itself, which is not part of the Common/Coalition apps. This includes answering a handful of short-answer questions about your background, goals, and passions.

2. MIT also requests two teacher recommendations: one from a math or science teacher and one from a humanities, social sciences, or language teacher.

3. You will need to submit a secondary school report which includes a transcript of your high school record and a school profile.

4. MIT does require you to submit standardized test scores. For the 2024-2025 application cycle, you have to submit either the SAT or ACT.

5. An interview is not mandatory but is highly recommended. This will be at the discretion of MIT's volunteer Educational Counselor network, and dependent on their availability.

To strengthen your application, focus heavily on your STEM credentials. MIT places a strong emphasis on these fields. If you have participated in national or international competitions, have relevant research experiences, or have outstanding coursework in these areas, it can greatly elevate your application.

Meanwhile, don't downplay the importance of your essays. These represent a chance to show who you are beyond your grades and scores. Expand upon your aspirations, motivations or critical experiences that have shaped your perspective.

Lastly, although MIT scores highly for STEM fields, they also value creativity and innovation. If you have extracurricular involvement or other achievements that demonstrate these qualities, it should strongly complement your application.

Remember, it's not merely about being a top student, but also about demonstrating exceptionalism in your fields of interest and showing how your presence could contribute to the MIT community. Good luck with your application!

11 days ago

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