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Senior Year Costs

Hey everyone! I'm currently a junior and I've been wondering how much senior year typically costs. Can anyone give me an estimate of how much they spent on college applications, graduation items, and extracurriculars during senior year? Thanks!

8 months ago

Hey there! Calculating the cost of senior year can indeed take a bit of legwork, and it's an excellent step in your planning process. One major expense you'll encounter is college application fees, which typically range from $50 to $90 per college. If you're applying to 8 to 10 schools, which is common, you're looking at $400 to $900 right there. However, if you qualify, don't forget to reach out to your school counselor about fee waivers that could significantly decrease this cost.

Next, most high schools have costs for graduation items like cap and gown, yearbooks, and possibly class rings or graduation announcements. These often vary widely by school and personal choice, but a safe estimate would be anywhere from $100 to $300. Also keep in mind any senior trips or events that may be organized, which also vary in cost.

For extracurriculars, it really depends on the activities you're involved in. Sports can require equipment and travel fees, while clubs might have dues or trip costs. I've seen students spend almost nothing because their activities are school-funded, while others might spend several hundred dollars throughout the year.

Don't forget about test fees if you're planning to take or retake the SAT or ACT, as well as any AP or IB exams. Prepping for these tests can also incur costs if you choose to purchase study materials or enroll in prep courses.

All told, you might expect to budget somewhere from $500 to over $2000 for your senior year, not including personal spending money. Remember, it's all about individual choices and what your family is comfortable with. Hope that gives you a ballpark idea!

8 months ago

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