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What's a likely letter?

Hey everyone! I've heard the term 'likely letter' being tossed around, and I'm not quite sure what it is. Could someone please explain what a likely letter is and how it might affect me during the college admissions process? Thanks!

8 months ago

Hey there! Great question about likely letters. A likely letter is a communication sent by some colleges, often Ivy League and other highly selective schools, to certain applicants before official admissions decisions are released. The purpose of a likely letter is to let the applicant know that they are likely to be admitted, based on the strength of their application so far.

Receiving a likely letter is a positive sign! It means the admissions committee is impressed with your application and you're on the top of their list. However, it's important to note that a likely letter is not a formal offer of admission — the official admission decision will come later. But it does indicate that as long as there are no significant changes or issues with your application or senior year grades, you are highly likely to be accepted.

A likely letter might affect you by giving you a boost of confidence as you wait for other college decisions. It also can serve as a strategic tool for schools, signaling to you that they are very interested, which can influence your decision-making if you have multiple offers. Remember to stay focused and maintain your academic performance even after receiving a likely letter, as the final piece of the admissions process is the official letter. Hope this helps clarify things!

8 months ago

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