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Lookin' for Division 2 Colleges by State

Hey y'all! Not really feeling the D1 scene and I'm thinkin' about keeping it D2 for college - bringing balance between my sport and academics. Is there a resource that breaks down Division 2 colleges by state? Would love to look at options close to home.

19 days ago

You're in luck because the NCAA maintains a directory of all its Division II schools on their website. Unfortunately, NCAA doesn’t have a state by state breakdown, but they do provide a list of all Division II colleges with their name, city, and state. You can simply use a keyword search (CTRL+F or Command+F) to find schools in your home state or nearby states.

That said, don't forget that researching colleges involves more than sorting by division and location. Factor in each school’s academics, campus culture, student support services and other such elements that are important to you. Best of luck in your college and sports journey!

19 days ago

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