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How can I raise my GPA during sophomore year?

I just finished my freshman year and I'm slightly worried about my GPA. It's not terrible, but I really want to raise it during my sophomore year. What strategies should I use for improving my GPA and making a stronger impression on colleges in the future?

8 months ago

First off, it's great that you're already thinking about improving your GPA early in your high school career. While every student is different, here's one strategy you could consider.

1. Create a structured study schedule so that you can be sure you're using your time efficiently, and will be fully prepared for all of your tests and able to complete all of your assignments on time.

2. Actively participate in class, as voicing your thoughts aloud and engaging with your peers can help you develop a deeper comprehension of the subject matter, build a relationship with your teacher, as that can help you work through any rough patches (and potentially give you an early option for a rec letter), and maybe even boost your grade directly through extra participation points.

3. Reach out for additional help when needed, whether that's by scheduling a meeting with your teacher or acting on your own to form a study group or seek out a tutor, especially for subjects that are challenging for you.

4. Prioritize your coursework by focusing more on core academic subjects such as Math, English, Science, History, and Foreign Language, as colleges typically value strong performances in those subjects more heavily during admissions.

5. Lastly, reflect on any specific factors that may have impacted your performance last year and address them proactively. For example, if you struggled with time management, you might try using digital alerts, or setting up regular study sessions with a friend, to keep track of deadlines and assignments.

Implementing these strategies can make a significant difference in your academic performance throughout the rest of high school. Good luck!

8 months ago

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