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Restrictive Early Action and Early Decision together?

I'm sincerely interested in attending two schools, one with an REA plan and the other with ED. Am I allowed to apply for both or would that be against the rules? Would love some advice!

8 months ago

Unfortunately, the rules for applying to colleges under Restrictive Early Action (REA) and Early Decision (ED) are quite strict.F rom the ED school's point of view, applying to another school REA would be fine, as that is a non-binding commitment. However, if you apply to a school under REA, they generally allow you to apply to other schools only through non-binding early action plans, and specifically restrict you from applying to any other private colleges/universities under an Early Decision or another REA plan.

So, in short, you would indeed be breaking the rules if you were to apply to one college under REA and another under ED simultaneously. You'll need to choose which school aligns best with your interests and goals for college, and choose when to submit your applications accordingly.

8 months ago

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