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Should I consider political science at Bryn Mawr?

Hey peeps, politics enthusiast here. Anyone got any insights on the poli sci program at Bryn Mawr? Like, is it well-regarded? Are there strong internships or career options?

11 days ago

Response: Happy to help! The Political Science program at Bryn Mawr has a solid reputation. The faculty are well-trained and actively involved in research, which can provide an excellent environment for intellectual growth and engagement. They cover a broad range of specializations such as international relations, political theory, comparative politics, and American politics, so you'd definitely have a variety of sub-fields to explore depending on your interests.

The college's proximity to Philadelphia offers students access to a variety of internship opportunities related to politics and government. This could range from working for local representatives to interning at NGOs or government agencies in the area. Plus, Bryn Mawr's strong alumni network often help students secure internships and jobs. Things like this can boost your resume and give you real-world experiences in the field of Political Science.

As far as career prospects are concerned, Bryn Mawr's Center for Career and Civic Engagement has a robust set of resources to support students as they navigate career paths in politics and beyond. They host career coaching appointments, skill-building workshops, and networking opportunities to help students prepare for life after graduation.

One thing to be mindful of though, is to pay attention to the kind of culture and community you are looking for in a college. Bryn Mawr is a small, women's liberal arts college that thrives on close-knit relationships and student empowerment. It offers a unique community that can certainly enrich your college experience, particularly if you're interested in a more personalized academic experience.

If you're interested in seeing how students rate their experiences in the Political Science program, you could look into reaching out to some current students or alumni. They could provide you with some first-hand insights that you wouldn't necessarily find online or through official channels. Best of luck in your college search!

11 days ago

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