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First-year college difficulties - Is freshman year the hardest?

Hi everyone, I keep hearing how challenging freshman year can be in college, and it's making me a little bit stressed. Is it actually the hardest year of college for most students? If so, any tips on coping with those difficulties?

8 months ago

Hey there! You're certainly not alone in feeling stressed about the beginning of your college journey. Many students find the first year challenging because it's a period full of adjustments - new environment, different academic expectations, and perhaps even a different city or state. But whether it's the hardest year depends greatly on the individual and their circumstances.

For some, the challenges level out as they become sophomores, juniors, or seniors - they've found their community, nailed down study habits that work for them, and have a clearer sense of their academic and career paths. But even if the following three years are easier by comparison, that doesn't mean freshman year has to be terrible. Connecting with resources like your academic advisor, not overextending yourself by taking only classes known for being difficult, and joining extracurriculars to start finding friends and mentors can make a big difference.

Perhaps most importantly, remember that if you struggle, you're not a failure. Starting college is a big transition, and it's perfectly normal to take some time to find your footing. Hang in there, and give yourself grace during the learning curve!

8 months ago

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