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Do colleges see your senior year grades?

Hi there! I'm just wondering if colleges take senior year grades into account during the application process. If they do, how significant are those grades? Are they given the same weight as grades from earlier years? I'm feeling stressed about senior year here, so any advice would be great!

8 months ago

Hello! Yes, colleges typically do take your senior year grades into account. However, the weight they carry varies depending on when you apply. If you apply early decision or early action, only your grades up to junior year and potentially the first quarter or trimester of senior year are available for review. For regular decision applicants, on the other hand, most colleges request mid-year reports, so your grades throughout your whole first semester of senior year can play a role in whether or not you are accepted.

While colleges evaluate your whole academic record when evaluating your readiness for college-level academics, senior year gives them the best indication of the student who will actually be arriving on campus. So, while it may be somewhat stressful to maintain high grades based on only a few major assignments, do your best to keep your grades up! You've got this!

8 months ago

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