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Do first semester senior year grades count?

Hey everyone! I'm a little bit stressed about my grades this year. Does the first semester of senior year matter a lot when it comes to college admissions? How much do colleges consider these grades?

8 months ago

Absolutely, your first semester senior year grades do count in the college admissions process. Most colleges will ask for your first-semester grades as part of your mid-year report. This allows them to see your most recent academic record and helps them understand how you are performing in a more current context compared to your earlier high school years. These grades can be particularly crucial if your earlier grades weren't as strong as you would have liked—a solid performance can demonstrate that you've matured academically and are capable of college-level work.

For example, students who might have had a rough start to high school but have been on an upward trend since, would benefit from strong first-semester senior grades to reinforce their positive trajectory. On the other hand, if you've been consistent throughout your high school years, continuing that trend will simply bolster your academic profile. If your early applications have gone out with junior year grades, remember that most schools that offer regular or rolling admissions will see these senior grades, and they can influence decisions for waitlisted or deferred applicants. Keep focused and do your best—these grades can make a difference!

8 months ago

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