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ACT Scoring Guide - Need Help!

Hey guys, does anyone know where I could find a detailed scoring guide for the ACT? I need to understand how each section is scored and how my composite score is calculated. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

12 days ago

Certainly! Let's break down the ACT scoring guide:

The ACT consists of four sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science, each of which is scored on a scale of 1-36. Each section asks a variable number of questions, but this doesn't affect your score as each section is standardized to a score out of 36. Here's a list of each section along with number of questions.

1. English: 75 questions

2. Mathematics: 60 questions

3. Reading: 40 questions

4. Science: 40 questions

The first step in scoring is to calculate your raw score for each section. Your raw score is simply the number of questions you answered correctly in each section.

Raw scores are then converted into scaled scores through a process called equating. This process accounts for slight differences in difficulty among different test versions. The equating ensures that, for example, an English score of 30 on one test administration is equivalent to an English score of 30 on any other administration.

Once you have the scaled score for each section, you simply average them to get your composite score. If the average of your four scores has a fraction, it is rounded to the nearest whole number (.5 or more is rounded up).

Unfortunately, there isn't an official ACT composite score calculator available, but you can simply calculate the average of your four scores to get a pretty accurate estimate.

One additional thing to remember is that the optional ACT writing test does not affect your composite score. The writing test score will be based on your writing itself and is reported separately.

I hope this explanation clarifies how the scoring for the ACT works!

12 days ago

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