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Seeking tips on note-taking for AP World History

Hey everyone! I'm currently in AP World History and I'm struggling a bit with note-taking. Does anyone have any advice or strategies they can share? Thanks in advance!

16 days ago

Response: Absolutely, I'd be happy to share some strategies that could help you out!

One effective technique with a course like AP World History is the 'Cornell Note-Taking System'. Here's a quick rundown:

1. Divide your paper into three sections. Draw a line about 2.5 inches from the left side of your paper to create a narrow column. Draw another line about 2 inches from the bottom, creating a space for a brief summary.

2. During the lecture or while reading your textbook, take notes in the large (right hand) column. Here you should paraphrase the material, rather than copying verbatim.

3. After your study session, review the notes and in the left-hand column (known as the 'cue column'), write questions or keywords related to your notes.

4. The bottom space (summary) is for writing a brief summary of your notes. This aids in consolidating your understanding of the material.

5. When studying, you can fold your paper along the dividing line between the main notes and the cue column and then practice answering the questions or explaining the keywords without looking at the main notes.

Secondly, utilizing visual methods like flow charts, mind maps, or diagrams can be effective, especially for big-picture ideas like the progression of civilizations or major wars.

Lastly, don't forget the value of regular review. Going back over your notes within 24 hours of taking them will significantly improve your retention of the material. Making this a habit can help prevent cramming when exam time rolls around.

Bear in mind, effective note-taking is a skill that improves with practice, so don't be discouraged if it takes you a bit to land on what works best for you personally. Good luck with your studies!

16 days ago

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