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Can you drop out freshman year?

I'm a current freshman and I'm really struggling to adjust to college life. I'm wondering if it's possible to drop out during my freshman year if I feel like college isn't the right fit for me. Additionally, what might be the consequences of doing so (in terms of transcript, future applications, etc.)?

8 months ago

I completely understand how overwhelming the transition to college can be; my child also faced significant challenges during their freshman year. It's definitely possible to drop out during your first year. However, the consequences can vary.

Your transcript will reflect the courses you attended or withdrew from, and if you decide to apply to college again in the future, you may need to explain the circumstances of your withdrawal. It's crucial to consider whether you've explored all available resources, such as counseling or academic support, as these might make a world of difference. I'd advise you to speak with an academic advisor at your college before making any rushed decisions. They can provide guidance on the process and help you weigh the pros and cons. Remember, this is a common hurdle and there are supports in place to help you tackle it.

8 months ago

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