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ACT Score Requirements for Auburn University?

I'm somewhat stressing out about this ACT I've got coming up. Auburn University is kinda my dream school and I want to make sure I hit the mark. Anyone in the know about the ACT score they usually require for admission? Does Auburn put a lot of emphasis on one's ACT score?

17 days ago

Auburn University is known to be moderately selective, with the middle 50% of accepted students usually scoring between 25 and 31 on the ACT. This means that 25% of students admitted scored below this range and 25% scored above. The average ACT score of incoming students tends to be around 29. Having said this, falling above the middle 50% in terms of your ACT score can make your application more competitive.

However, keep in mind that Auburn University, like most colleges, adopts a holistic review process when looking through applications. This means they're interested in more than simply your ACT scores. Other components of your application such as your GPA, high school coursework, extracurricular activities, and essays also play a substantial role in the admission process.

Demonstrating your "spike," or area of deep interest and expertise, can be especially compelling. For instance, if you've done significant work in community service, it will carry weight alongside your academic achievements. Other examples of a "spike" might be leadership in student government, participation at a competitive level in a sport, or a major role in a theater production.

So while meeting or exceeding the middle 50% ACT score can certainly boost your odds, don't neglect the other aspects of your application. They're also critical to showcasing your strengths and fit for Auburn University.

17 days ago

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