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Depauw Acceptance Rate - Any ideas?

I've been intrigued by Depauw for a while now. I'm trying to find their acceptance rate but can't seem to locate it. Anyone got the 411 on that and any additional insights about the school would be super.

18 days ago

Sure, happy to provide some information. Depauw University's recent acceptance rate hovers around 64%, meaning they admit about 64 out of 100 students that apply. However, it's important to note that an institution's acceptance rate doesn't provide the full picture of its admissions process.

Depauw is known for providing a strong liberal arts education with a personal touch. The school has a low student-faculty ratio (9:1), allowing for intimate classroom experience and close interactions with professors. It’s also praised for its emphasis on experiential learning. The school’s Winter Term in Service program allows interested students to participate in community service projects either abroad or in the US. It also has other programs for internship and research experiences.

Depauw enrolls many students who are interested in music; the School of Music at Depauw is quite renowned. If you have a genuine interest in the liberal arts or in developing your music skills, you might find Depauw particularly appealing.

Furthermore, Greek life plays a significant role in Depauw's campus culture, so that's a factor you might want to weigh if you're considering applying.

Keep in mind, a school’s acceptance rate can fluctuate from year to year, but hopefully, this gives you a starting point in your research about Depauw.

18 days ago

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