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Applying to Penn State: What to expect?

Hey everyone! I'm a high school junior and I'm starting to think about applying to colleges. Recently, I've been interested in Penn State and I wonder what their application process is like. Can anyone tell me about their experiences applying to Penn State and what I should focus on? Thanks in advance!

8 months ago

Hey there! I'm so excited for you to apply to Penn State. It's an institution that values both academic excellence and extracurricular involvement. Their application process is straightforward: you can apply via the Common App or the Coalition App, and you'll have to complete their supplemental essay, which allows you to showcase how you align with the values of the university. Focus on highlighting your unique experiences and strengths both academically and personally.

Make sure to pay attention to the deadlines, as Penn State offers both Early Action and Regular Decision. Applying Early Action is non-binding, but it can show your strong interest in the school and give you the benefit of receiving a decision earlier. The key is to have a balanced application with strong grades, test scores (if you choose to submit them), and to portray who you are beyond the numbers. Good luck with your application!

8 months ago

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