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Questions about General Studies at Columbia.

Hi everyone, I'm intrigued by the General Studies program at Columbia. I understand it's different than traditional undergrad, but I couldn't find a lot of detailed admission stats. Does anyone know the acceptance rate or any specifics about what they are looking for in applicants? Thanks!

12 days ago

The School of General Studies at Columbia University offers a different path for students pursuing a degree at Columbia but is comparable in rigor and expectations to the traditional undergraduate experience. The philosophy behind the General Studies program is to allow a diverse set of students - those who may have taken an unconventional path towards higher education due to personal or professional reasons - to earn their undergraduate degree from Columbia University.

Regarding admissions statistics, Columbia doesn't publicly release the exact acceptance rate for the School of General Studies. However, they make it clear that the selection process is highly competitive, similar to other Columbia undergraduate schools. It's important to understand that the selection process might not be solely reliant on conventional aspects such as GPA and standardized test scores, though having a strong academic record will help your case.

As for what Columbia General Studies specifically looks for in applicants: they value demonstrated academic aptitude, strength of character, intellectual curiosity, and professional or personal maturity due to their life experiences. Past applicants come from a variety of backgrounds - there are successful career professionals, former Olympic athletes, and aspiring artists among the student body.

Also, it's worth noting that the application requires essays and letters of recommendation, which offer an opportunity to portray your strengths, passions, and unique story - all important factors in demonstrating your fit for the program beyond your academic credentials alone.

Finally, I suggest reaching out directly to the admissions office of the School of General Studies if you have more specific questions. They can provide detailed information that's tailored to your circumstance.

12 days ago

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