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UC schools and Early Action admissions?

Hi everyone! I'm interested in applying to some UC schools, and I wanted to know if any of them offer Early Action admissions. If so, how does the process work? Any insight would be appreciated. I'm trying to plan ahead for my applications. Thanks!

8 months ago

Hello! The answer to your question is quite straightforward: none of the University of California (UC) schools offer an Early Action admission option. All UC schools have a single application period, with a deadline of November 30th for the following fall term. However, there is a variation called Priority Application, which some UCs use for specific programs that require a separate application—such as those in performing arts or honors—and have earlier deadlines.

In planning your application strategy, just focus on the November deadline and ensure you have all your materials ready by then. You won't have to juggle Early Action deadlines with your UC applications. If you have any other questions about their admissions process, feel free to ask. Good luck!

8 months ago

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