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What is the average GPA of accepted students at UC Berkeley?

Hello all, I have my sights set on UC Berkeley, but I'm a little concerned about how my GPA stacks up with the average admitted student's. Does anyone know what is the ballpark average GPA?

9 days ago

The University of California, Berkeley, has a very competitive admissions process, and typically, the students it admits have strong academic records. According to CollegeVine's data, the average unweighted GPA of accepted students at UC Berkeley is approximately 3.89 out of 4.00.

Please remember that while having a GPA that aligns with the average of accepted students could strengthen your application, it's not the only determining factor. UC Berkeley also considers your course rigor, essays, extracurriculars, and more. Keep working hard to maintain or even improve your grades, but also continue fostering your interests outside the classroom to round out your profile.

9 days ago

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