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Do colleges like Texas State have a hard GPA requirement?

Hey everyone, I'm really trying to get my plan together for college applications, and I have Texas State on my list. But I'm kinda stressed about this whole GPA thing. What kind of GPA are they looking for? Do they like to see certain trends, like improvement over time, or is it just raw numbers? Any help would be so appreciated!

7 days ago

While colleges such as Texas State University don't typically list hard GPA requirements, they do publish the average GPAs of their accepted students to help you gauge what they generally look for. Currently, the average GPA of admitted students at Texas State is about a 3.38. However, remember that this is simply an average, meaning some students get in with GPAs above this and some with below.

Colleges are definitely interested in seeing improvement over time - what's often referred to as an "upward trend". So, if you struggled early in high school but managed to pull your grades up, that can be seen as a positive, as it shows resilience and a commitment to improving.

Lastly, while GPA is a crucial component of your academic profile, it's not the only thing colleges look at. They’ll also want to see your SAT/ACT scores, extracurriculars, and your personal essays. Make sure to also focus on these pieces of your application. For example, if your GPA isn't quite at the average but you have strong test scores or Tier 1 or 2 extracurriculars, that could potentially balance out a weaker GPA. And of course, your essays are a great chance to explain your personal journey, including any obstacles you had to overcome which may have impacted your GPA.

The best you can do is to continue working hard, improving where you can, and showcasing your strengths in other areas of your application. Good luck with the application process!

7 days ago

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