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AP English and Composition Practice Test: Any recommendations?

Hey everyone, I'm currently in AP Lang and I'm on the hunt for practice tests to flex my skills. Does anyone know really good resources where I can get practice tests? Hit me up with your best suggestions.

16 days ago

Hello there,

CollegeBoard's website is an excellent place to start when it comes to practice tests for AP courses, including AP English Language and Composition. They have a range of free-response questions from previous years available. You can use these to practice and get an understanding of the format and the type of questions usually asked. Keep in mind that the exam format may have changed slightly since these were released, but the concepts tested remain largely the same.

You might also want to consider reviewing AP prep books. Some popular ones include Princeton Review's, Barron's, and 5 Steps to a 5. These usually come with multiple practice tests and they're tailored specifically to the exam, so they'll be quite representative of the actual test you're going to face. Remember, practice is key, but it's also important to review your results thoroughly to understand what areas you're strong in and those that may need improvement.

Lastly, consider forming a study group with your peers. This can provide a more interactive way to discuss and review the material. Plus, it will give you the opportunity to hold mock exams together. Just remember, the goal is to learn, understand, and apply concepts—not just memorize things simply for the test.

Good luck in your preparation!

16 days ago

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