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What's a typical SAT score for UF admissions?

Hey guys, I'm a junior aiming to apply to the University of Florida next year. I'm a little worried about my SAT score because it's not stellar. Anyone knows what the average SAT score of students admitted to UF is? I need to know how much I need to improve. I appreciate any help! Thanks!

19 days ago

Sure! At the University of Florida (UF), the Fall 2022 first year class had SAT scores in the middle 50% range of 1350–1490. Remember, this is a range rather than a solid threshold. If you find your SAT score falls below the lower end of this range, don't despair! It doesn't necessarily rule out your chances of admission, as UF takes into account several other aspects of your application beyond just test scores.

However, a strong SAT score could certainly help your case. Should your score fall below the range, you may want to consider additional prep and retaking the test. To raise your score, focus on areas from your past exams that posed a challenge.

That being said, test scores are just one part of the holistic review process at UF, which also includes high school GPA, coursework rigor, extracurricular involvement, essays, and more. For maximized chances of acceptance, aim for well-rounded application components that demonstrate your personal growth, commitment, and potential.

Good luck with your preparations and application!

19 days ago

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