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What's the average ACT score for MIT?

Hello everyone, I am hopeful to apply for MIT next year but I'm still figuring out what test scores I should be aiming for. Specifically, what's the average ACT score for admitted students at MIT? Any pointers would be great!

14 days ago

MIT is one of the most competitive universities, and applicants typically have high ACT scores. According to the school's Common Data Set, the middle 50% range for admitted students on the ACT is between 35-36, meaning 25% of accepted students score below 35 and 25% score a perfect 36.

While aiming for a score within or above this range can be helpful, keep in mind that a high ACT score alone doesn't guarantee admission. MIT has a holistic admissions process and emphasizes your academic and extracurricular achievements, along with your personal qualities. So while a high ACT score is definitely helpful and you should aim for one as high as possible, make sure you're also working on your academic and extracurricular profiles. There are also many factors such as course rigor, GPA, essays, recommendations, extracurriculars, and more that they will also take into account.

Lastly, remember that test scores are just one part of your application, and every part of your application helps tell a story about who you are. So keep preparing for the ACT, but also devote time to your essays, extracurricular activities, and any other requirements for the MIT application.

14 days ago

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