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Does MIT offer Early Decision?

Hi folks! I'm really keen on applying to MIT, but I'm a bit confused about whether they offer early decision or just early action? And could someone clarify what's the difference between the two? Thanks in advance!

18 days ago

MIT does not offer Early Decision (ED), but rather it offers an Early Action (EA) application option.

To clarify between the two, Early Decision is a type of application where you make a binding agreement to attend that school if you are accepted. This means that if a school accepts you under their ED option, you are required to attend and will have to withdraw all your applications from other schools. This is not an application option you should take lightly, and it's really meant for students who are absolutely certain about their number one choice school, and are confident they'll be able to afford it.

On the other hand, Early Action is a non-binding type of application. Like ED, it lets you apply and hear back from schools earlier in the cycle (often by December), but the key difference is that you aren’t bound to attend if you get accepted. This allows you more flexibility in your decision-making process, and allows you to compare college offers and financial aid packages before committing. You have until the regular decision date, usually May 1st, to decide.

So, applying to MIT EA simply means you would hear back from them earlier than regular decision applicants, but will not be obliged to attend if accepted. This can be an advantage because it can hasten the application review process, but remember, only apply EA if you feel your application is strong enough! You won't have as much time to improve grades, activities, or other parts of your application compared to applying Regular Decision.

18 days ago

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