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Acceptance Rate for Mizzou University?

Hello everyone, I'm thinking about applying to Mizzou University. What is the acceptance rate? Do they focus more on grades or extracurriculars? Any advice would be amazing!

19 days ago

The University of Missouri, commonly referred to as Mizzou, has an acceptance rate of around 78%. This means that for every 100 applicants, approximately 78 are admitted. This relatively high acceptance rate suggests that Mizzou has a less selective admissions process.

As for grades versus extracurriculars, Mizzou, like many other universities, places a significant emphasis on academic performance. Mizzou primarily considers your high school GPA, the rigor of your course load, and your class rank (if your high school provides it). When it comes to standardized test scores, they are optional but you may submit them if you wish.

But that doesn't mean extracurricular activities aren't important. Mizzou looks at the whole person, not just academics, so having meaningful extracurriculars where you've shown growth, achievement or leadership can definitely help your application.

Remember, the goal is to present a well-rounded picture of who you are as a student and as a person. So, while grades are important, your personal qualities, such as commitment, leadership, and the impact you've had on your community, as demonstrated through your extracurriculars, are also taken into account.

However, keep in mind that quality of extracurricular involvement often matters more than quantity. It's better to be deeply involved in a few activities, where you have demonstrated growth, leadership, or impact, rather than superficial involvement in numerous clubs or teams.

Best of luck with your application to Mizzou!

19 days ago

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