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How is CUNY Ranked in New York?

Hi everyone. So, I was wondering about the City University of New York (CUNY)'s rank among other universities in New York? Are their academic programs reputable? Could some of you share your thoughts?

7 days ago

CUNY comprises 25 institutions, including 11 senior colleges, 7 community colleges, and several graduate schools. The quality of education offered here often receives high praise for affordability and access, with many of the senior colleges such as Hunter College, Baruch College, and Queens College recognized for their strong programs in various fields.

Usually, rankings can vary based on the specific parameters the ranking entity uses - it could be academic excellence, campus facilities, faculty qualifications, alumni success, etc. Thus, directly comparing CUNY with other universities in New York might not yield a clear "rank". However, for a broad perspective, U.S. News & World Report generally ranks several CUNY colleges within the top 100 for the North region.

From an academic perspective, CUNY's Baruch College has an exceptional business program. Hunter College is renowned for its nursing and social work programs, while Queens College often gets recognition for its education and psychology programs. So, if you are interested in a specific track/program that CUNY excels in, it could be a great option.

Moreover, CUNY's mission to provide accessible, high-quality education means they attract a wide array of students from diverse backgrounds, which can greatly enrich your college experience and provide different perspectives in class discussions.

Remember to prioritize your academic and career interests over rankings when choosing a college. Each university, including those within the CUNY system, offers a unique environment and different opportunities that might resonate with some students more than others.

7 days ago

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