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What makes a good educational recommendation letter?

Yo, what's up, guys? I need a favor from you. I've got to ask my math teacher for a recommendation letter - any tips or things he should include that can make it stand out to colleges? I'm kinda lost here, so any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks!

15 days ago

Hey there! Sure, I'd be glad to pitch in with some pointers. Firstly, a strong recommendation letter provides colleges with a perspective they can't get from your test scores or transcripts. It's an opportunity to showcase your personality, work ethic, and character, from a person who has interacted with you in an academic setting.

Here are some things your math teacher could focus on:

1. Characteristics and Skills: Your math teacher should discuss particular qualities and skills that stand out most in you. Are you analytical, creative, organized, or good at problem-solving? Also, how you handle challenging material or bounce back from a poor test score can demonstrate resilience.

2. Participation: Highlighting how you participate in class can be a positive indicator of engagement. Whether you're always the first to raise your hand, help out classmates who are struggling, or bring thought-provoking questions to the table.

3. Growth and Improvement: Instances where you made significant improvements or continuously grew in your academic journey would be great to include. This could be overcoming challenges in understanding certain concepts, putting in extra hours of practice, or improving your test scores over time.

4. Examples and Stories: The letter should include specific examples to back up any points made. Rather than simply stating you're a hard worker, your teacher could talk about a time you pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone to achieve a goal.

A key point to remember is that each recommendation letter should offer new insights about you. So, if there are other teachers writing letters for you, each should highlight different aspects of your personality or different experiences that underline your skills and strengths.

Hope that helps and best of luck with your application process!

15 days ago

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