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Pre-ACT exam: What do I need to know?

Hello, I'm a junior and my school is having us take the Pre-ACT. I'm a bit lost about how it works and what it covers. Can anybody share some insights into the Pre-ACT? Are there any study resources you recommend?

13 days ago

The Pre-ACT is a preparatory exam for the ACT, similar to how the PSAT is designed to prepare students for the SAT. It's intended to give students in 10th grade a feel for the ACT exam, and it's useful for helping students identify their strengths and weaknesses.

The Pre-ACT tests the same subjects as the ACT: English, Math, Reading, and Science. However, it's a bit shorter and the content is slightly less challenging since it's targeting younger students. The test is divided into four sections:

- English: 45 minutes for 45 questions

- Math: 30 minutes for 36 questions

- Reading: 30 minutes for 25 questions

- Science: 30 minutes for 30 questions

Your scores on each section will range from 1-35 (instead of the 1-36 range on the ACT) and you'll also receive a composite score that averages your four section scores. This score is intended to give you an estimate of how you might perform on the actual ACT.

It's great that your school is giving you an opportunity to take the Pre-ACT -- it's a helpful tool for identifying areas where you need to improve before you start preparing for the ACT. As for study resources, I recommend using the practice problems and tests provided by ACT Inc., the organization behind the ACT. They have a free online booklet with a full-length practice test, which includes answer explanations. The questions on this practice test are retired ACT questions, so it should give you a very accurate sense of what the test is like.

Remember, the primary goal of the Pre-ACT should be to familiarize yourself with the structure and timing of the ACT, so treat it like a practice run rather than something you need to ace. Best of luck with your upcoming test!

13 days ago

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