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What comes after sophomore year?

Hi everyone, I'm a little bit stressed about the future after sophomore year. I know junior year is considered the most important year for college admissions, but I really want to know what specific actions I should take or steps to follow in order to be ready for college applications. Any advice is appreciated!

8 months ago

Hello there! I completely understand your stress, but rest assured, you're taking a smart approach by preparing ahead. After sophomore year, junior year indeed comes with significant responsibilities. It's crucial to maintain strong grades, as colleges will scrutinize your transcript from this year closely. If possible, enroll in challenging courses, such as AP or honors classes if they're available and align with your strengths. Not only do these courses boost your GPA, but they also show colleges your willingness to challenge yourself academically.

In addition to academics, begin exploring extracurricular activities that genuinely interest you, and look for leadership opportunities within them. This could be anything from sports to community service, to an art form you are passionate about. It's also the time to start preparing for standardized tests like the SAT or ACT, if you haven't already. Choose one, and aim to take it at least once this year to allow time for a retake if desired. Now's the time to really dive into your college search too. Start thinking about what kind of schools appeal to you, factor in size, location, majors, and campus culture. Visit campuses if possible to get a feel for them. Lastly, cultivate relationships with your teachers; you will need to request recommendation letters from a couple of them in your senior year. Best of luck, and remember, it's a journey — take it one step at a time!

8 months ago

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