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Making the Princeton University Cut?

Hi community, like so many others, I'm chasing the dream of being admitted to Princeton University. It's no secret that getting in is notoriously tough. Does anyone have advice on setting myself apart in the application process or any key things the admissions team looks out for particularly?

12 days ago

Sure, getting into a competitive school like Princeton University definitely demands diligence and individuality. Given Princeton's holistic review process, they'll assess your entire application to get a comprehensive sense of who you are as a student and person. So, each part of your application communicates something about you and your potential.

One particular area where you have a lot of control is your essays. Make sure you put thought and time into crafting an articulate response to the prompts. Choose a topic that will showcase your individual voice, your personality, and your original thinking. For example, if you're passionate about solving climate change, don't just recount your participation in the high school's environmental club, but maybe discuss an initiative you took to reduce carbon emissions in your community. Your essays should provide insight into your intellectual curiosity, your passion, and how you aspire to contribute to the university community.

Moreover, you might want to express a clear reason why you're interested in Princeton. Discuss specific resources and opportunities that align with your future goals. You might touch on the school's unique undergraduate focus, faculty members you’d like to engage, specific courses that interest you, or even its hallmark senior thesis requirement. Remember to show, not just tell why these features stand out.

Academically, try to challenge yourself with rigorous courses that demonstrate your ability to perform well in a college-level environment. Princeton prides itself on attracting intellectual thinkers, so strong performance in honors or AP courses can show readiness. Balance is key though, so make sure your performance doesn't suffer due to taking on too much.

In terms of extracurricular involvement, it helps to have genuine depth and achievement, rather than a wide range of activities with shallow involvement. Princeton, like many Ivy League schools, particularly appreciates applicants who stand out by excelling in their chosen fields (the 'spike'). The higher the Tier of your extracurriculars, the better.

Lastly, while Princeton is a test-optional school for the 2024-2025 application cycle, if you do well on the SAT or ACT and you believe your score adds to your candidacy, you might still consider submitting your scores.

Key is to remain authentic in the application process. Genuine passion and excitement about your future at Princeton can come across more impacting than trying to present an image of a 'perfect applicant'. Best of luck!

12 days ago

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