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ACT equivalent to SAT

Feeling a bit overwhelmed here, guys. I took the ACT and scored decently. I'm having a hard time finding a clear ACT to SAT conversion chart that's reliable. Anyone have a clue about this? Would help a ton!

12 days ago

I totally get how confusing it can be when you're trying to make comparisons between two different test scores. While there isn't a perfect conversion because the tests fundamentally measure slightly different things, The College Board and ACT have provided a concordance table that gives you a rough equivalence between ACT and SAT scores.

According to the most recent concordance table, for instance, an ACT score of 30 is approximately equivalent to an SAT score of 1360 (within a range of about 1330-1400). Please note that these are rough approximations, and schools might interpret your scores slightly differently.

To make sure you're looking at an up-to-date chart, I recommend checking both testing organizations' websites directly. They normally provide the most recent and endorsed ACT to SAT score conversions.

Remember too, many institutions are moving towards a more holistic approach to admissions where test scores are just one part of the picture. It's equally important to focus on your academic performance, GPA, extracurricular activities, and college essays!

12 days ago

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