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Confused Between SAT and ACT scores

Hey everyone. I've been doing an awful lot of testing this year and ended up taking both the SAT and ACT. I'm struggling to understand the difference between the scores though. Is there like a comparison chart or something for SAT vs ACT score? Thank you!

13 days ago

Yes, there is a concordance table that compares SAT and ACT scores. However, you must keep in mind that the comparison is not perfect because the the tests measure slightly different things. The SAT has a Reading and Writing section and a Math section, each scored on a 200-800 scale, with a composite score ranging from 400 to 1600. The ACT has four sections—English, Math, Reading, and Science—each scored on a 1-36 scale, and the composite score is the average of these four, rounded to the nearest whole number.

Here's a simplified comparison for you:

- An ACT score of 36 correlates to an SAT score of 1570-1600.

- A score of 35 on the ACT matches up with an SAT score of 1530-1560.

- A 34 ACT score aligns with an SAT score of 1490-1520.

- An ACT score of 33 compares to an SAT score of 1450-1480.

- A 32 on the ACT equates to an SAT score of 1420-1440.

This continues down the line in a similar pattern. It's important to repeat that these are approximations and not exact equivalents. Also, the style and structure of the two tests is different; the SAT is known to delve more into critical thinking and problem-solving while the ACT tends to be more straightforward and content-based. I suggest you submit the scores that are stronger relative to each school's middle 50% range. Also remember that some schools are test-optional or even test-blind, so always verify the testing policy of the colleges you're applying to.

13 days ago

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