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UMich Average SAT?

I'm considering applying to UMich and was wondering what the average SAT score is for admitted students? This will really help me figure out what I'm aiming for, thanks!

11 days ago

The middle 50% range for SAT scores of admitted students at the University of Michigan is typically between 1350 and 1530. This means that 25% of admitted students scored below 1350, 25% scored above 1530, and the remaining 50% fell within that range.

Keep in mind that these are merely averages and do not definitively predict your admission results. A higher score may increase your chances, while a lower score doesn't automatically disqualify you if the rest of your application is strong.

That said, paired with a strong GPA, compelling essays, and meaningful extracurricular activities, an SAT score within or above the middle 50% can indicate you're academically well-prepared for UMich. But remember, as with most selective universities, the University of Michigan reviews applications holistically. This means that they consider all aspects of your application, and not just your SAT score.

As it stands, the University of Michigan is currently test-optional for the 2024-2025 application cycle. This means that you have the option to submit your SAT score, but it is not required. You should choose to submit your SAT score if you feel that it accurately represents your academic abilities and can help strengthen your application.

To further assist you in your application process, consider using resources such as CollegeVine's chancing engine. This tool can provide a more personalized estimate of your chances at the University of Michigan and other schools based on your unique profile.

Good luck with your applications!

11 days ago

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