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Does applying Early Decision reduce financial aid?

Hi guys, as I'm researching college options, I've been looking into Early Decision programs. I'm a little worried though, as I will require financial aid to attend college. If I apply Early Decision, does it reduce the amount of financial aid I might receive? If anyone has experience with this, please share!

8 months ago

Hello! I understand your concern about how applying Early Decision (ED) could impact your financial aid package. The truth is, applying ED should not, in theory, reduce the amount of financial aid you receive. Financial aid is determined by your family's financial need, which is independent of your admission plan. However, since ED is binding, if you are not satisfied with your aid package, you don't have the option to compare offers from other schools, as you would with Regular Decision applications.

It's important to contact the financial aid office at the institution to understand their policy. Some schools make a point of ensuring that ED applicants receive the same consideration for financial aid as Regular Decision applicants. For example, if you’re looking at private colleges that promise to meet 100% of demonstrated need, they are committed to providing the financial aid necessary, regardless of whether you apply ED or Regular Decision.

Lastly, always complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and any other financial aid documents required by the college as early as possible to ensure you get the best possible package. This holds true whether you're applying ED or not. Good luck with your application process!

8 months ago

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