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Looking for the Best Need-Based Financial Aid Colleges

Hey everyone, money's kinda tight so I'm hoping to find colleges that offer good need-based financial aid packages. Does anyone here have recommendations for schools that are particularly generous when it comes to need-based financial aid? Any help would be amazing!

14 days ago

Sure, there are several colleges known for their generous need-based financial aid.

One group of colleges that tends to offer excellent need-based aid are the Ivy League institutions. For example, Harvard University guarantees that 100% of student's demonstrated need will be met if they are admitted. Similarly, Princeton University is notable because it is completely "loan-free" - they meet 100% of demonstrated financial need entirely through grants and work-study.

Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are both non-Ivy institutions that meet 100% of demonstrated financial need without loans. Stanford specifically guarantees that families with an income less than $65,000 will have zero parental contribution, and families making less than $125,000 can expect no tuition costs.

Vanderbilt University is another institution that practices need-blind admissions and meets full demonstrated need. Importantly, Vanderbilt has replaced all need-based loans with grants and scholarships in their financial aid package.

Last but not least, Amherst College is a liberal arts college that is need blind and meets 100% of demonstrated need.

These examples are just a few institutions that offer significant need-based financial aid. This is not an exhaustive list, and you should also consider other factors such as fit and academic offerings when making your college list. One tip is to use the net price calculators found on each college's financial aid website to estimate your cost of attendance. It can give you a decent approximation of what you might expect to pay at each university.

14 days ago

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