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What is the Cost of Attendance for Case Western?

I've been hearing a lot about Case Western recently and might consider applying, but I'm not sure if it's within my family's budget. Does anyone have an idea of its total cost, including tuition, housing, meals, etc.?

13 days ago

Sure, I can provide you with estimated information on this. For the 2024-2025 academic year, the estimated total cost of attendance at Case Western Reserve University for an undergraduate student is:

- Tuition: $66,020

- Room: $10,812

- Board (Meal Plan): $7,950

- Fees: $650

- Books & Supplies: $1,200

- Personal Expenses: $1,400

- Transportation: Varies (it depends largely on your personal circumstances)

So the total estimated cost, excluding transportation, would be approximately $88,680. Keep in mind, these numbers can vary depending on the housing and meal plans you choose.

Remember, the sticker price might look daunting, but many students do not pay the full cost of attendance. The university offers both need-based financial aid packages and merit scholarships that can significantly reduce these costs. It might be a good idea for you to check out their net price calculator on the Case Western's financial aid website to get a more personalized estimate of what you might be expected to pay.

13 days ago

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