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26 on the ACT - Is It Solid?

Hey everyone, after taking the ACT I got a score of 26. Is this considered a solid ACT score? And what type of schools might consider this a competitive score?

10 days ago

Definitely! A score of 26 on the ACT is considered above average nationally and can be quite competitive at several colleges and universities. Your score places you in the 82nd percentile of all test takers. This means you scored higher than 82% of test takers, which is certainly solid!

When looking at where your score might be considered 'competitive,' it all depends on the specific colleges you're interested in. For instance, many state universities and some private universities might consider a 26 to be within their middle 50% ACT scores. However, remember that the acceptance rate can vary based on the school's overall selectiveness.

If you have a dream school, a good step would be to check their admissions page or another trusted source for information on the average ACT scores of admitted students. This can be a useful guidepost in determining how competitive your score might be. Remember, though, that test scores are typically just one factor considered during the admissions process.

And if you're not satisfied with your current score, it's not uncommon for students to retake the ACT to try and improve. Understanding where you struggled can help target your studies. You might consider using prep books, study groups, and even online resources to improve on the areas you find challenging.

Keep in mind, admissions doesn't solely hinge on ACT scores. Strong aspects of your application like your GPA, course rigor, letters of recommendation, personal essays, and extracurricular activities are crucial components too. Remember to focus on presenting a holistic application that represents all your strengths. Good luck!

10 days ago

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