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ED2 deferral and rejection possibilities

Is it possible to get deferred or rejected when applying through Early Decision 2 (ED2)? If so, how does that work, and what next steps should I take if either of those situations occurs?

8 months ago

Yes, it is certainly possible to be either deferred or rejected when applying through Early Decision 2 (ED2). If you are deferred, it means that the admissions committee has decided to reconsider your application along with the Regular Decision applicant pool. It can be disappointing, but take it as an opportunity to strengthen your application. You can update the college with new achievements, improved test scores, or a letter reiterating your interest and fit for the school.

A rejection in the ED2 round means that the school has decided not to offer you admission, and it's time to focus on other options. Always ensure you have a balanced list of reach, match, and safety schools so that you have other applications in progress.

Remember, a deferral or a rejection is not a reflection of your worth, but a highly selective process that involves many factors beyond your control. Keep your head high and stay focused on your other applications — this is just one step in your journey, and there are many colleges out there where you can thrive and succeed.

8 months ago

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