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Quick Question: Liberty University Admission Rate?

Hey guys, so I've been looking into Liberty University, and I just wanna know what their admission rate is like. Is it considered a reach, match, or safety school generally? Any and all pieces of info are welcomed.

6 days ago

Liberty University, based on the most up-to-date information, has quite a high acceptance rate, in fact, it's around 99%. This essentially translates to all individuals who apply gets accepted. Now, determining whether it's a reach, match, or safety school is reliant on other factors besides acceptance rate, like your GPA, extracurricular activities, test scores (if submitted), and other aspects of your application.

If you're a strong student academically—meaning your GPA secures a top spot in Liberty University's admitted student profile— and you have a well-rounded application with solid extracurriculars and relevant experiences, then Liberty might be considered a match or even a safety school for you. However, if your academic record has room for improvement or your extracurricular involvement is limited, Liberty might be more of a match or possibly a reach.

Remember, even schools with high acceptance rates can be competitive for students who fall toward the lower end of the admitted student profile. Therefore, you should always aim to prepare a strong, comprehensive application that highlights your unique strengths and interests. In that sense, you'll also want to identify additional match and safety schools to enhance your school list's balance. Good luck!

6 days ago

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