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Info on Lehigh University Admissions?

I'm considering Lehigh University for my college application list. I would love to know more about their admissions process. If anyone has any experiences or information on their decision timelines, holistic review process, etc, it'd be much appreciated.

14 days ago

Lehigh University operates with a holistic review process which means they take into consideration all aspects of your application - academic performance, standardized test scores (if you choose to submit), extracurricular involvements, and essays.

Regarding the application itself, Lehigh gives you the option of applying via the Common Application or Coalition Application. For the 2024-2025 application cycle, they are test-optional, so you can choose whether or not to submit your SAT or ACT scores.

In terms of their academic rigor, Lehigh definitely values a strong academic performance in high school. They're specifically looking at your coursework and grades in context of your high school environment. If you take challenging courses and perform well, it exhibits your readiness for college-level work.

A major component of Lehigh's application is the supplement essay. They often have prompts that ask about your interest in Lehigh-specific programs or about how you embody the spirit of Lehigh’s community. Crafting a strong and specific response can give your application an edge.

Lehigh offers Early Decision I, Early Decision II, and Regular Decision application plans. Early Decision I and Early Decision II are binding contracts, meaning if you're accepted to Lehigh via these routes, you are committed to attending. The deadlines are generally November 1 for ED I and January 1 for ED II.

Accepted students for Early Decision are typically notified in mid-December for ED I and mid-February for ED II. Regular Decision applications are usually due by January 1, with students receiving their decisions around late March or early April.

Lehigh also values demonstrated interest, which includes activities such as visiting campus, attending virtual events, or interacting with admission representatives at college fairs or high school visits, so it may be beneficial to engage with the university in these ways.

Overall, putting forward your best self in your application, showcasing academic rigor, and meaningfully engaging with the community through demonstrated interest can give you a good shot at admission into Lehigh University.

14 days ago

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