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University of Colorado Denver acceptance?

I'm just wondering, what's the acceptance rate for University of Colorado Denver? Like, is it really competitive? What sort of grades and test scores are we talking about here?

17 days ago

The University of Colorado Denver has an acceptance rate around 72-75%, which suggests that the school is somewhat selective but not overly so compared to other universities.

As for grades, the incoming students had an average high school GPA of about 3.54. You should aim to keep your GPA around this range or higher if you can. Remember, having a GPA above the average can improve your chances of admittance.

When it comes to ACT/SAT scores, University of Colorado Denver is test optional for the 2024-2025 application cycle. If you choose to submit scores, the middle 50% SAT score range is about 1030-1260 and ACT is about 21-27. Scores in these ranges would make a competitive applicant.

However, always remember that grades and test scores are just part of your application. Your extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation are also crucial in demonstrating your fit for the school. So, while maintaining good grades and aiming for high test scores, also keep working on other parts of your application.

17 days ago

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