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Are there any castle-like colleges in the US, and do they offer a strong academic program?

I recently saw pictures of some colleges abroad that looked like castles, and now I'm wondering if we have anything like that here in the States? A beautiful campus is a big plus for me, but I also want solid academics. Any suggestions?

8 months ago

Oh, absolutely! There are some colleges in the U.S. that have that majestic, castle-like architecture you're craving. A classic example is Princeton University, which offers a stunning campus coupled with a reputation for outstanding academics. But the real standout might be the University of the South (commonly known as Sewanee), where you can find Gothic-style buildings and a widely respected liberal arts program nestled atop the beautiful Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.

Another to check out is Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania – its campus is enchanting, and it's part of the Seven Sisters colleges, known for their strong academic programs. And finally, don't miss out on Kenyon College in Ohio; its Middle Path will make you feel like you're strolling through the grounds of an old English estate, and it's renowned for its writing program. My neighbor's daughter goes there and she has told us how the campus aesthetics positively impact her study environment. Best of luck finding that perfect blend of architecture and intellectual vigor!

8 months ago

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